Tampabay Contra

If you'd like to sign up for our semi-regular emails giving the schedule of dances for the next month of dances on the west coast of Florida please fill out this form.  We'll give you the dates of our dances, their locations, and the band and callers names.  We use three categories for our email lists, local, distant and Florida Snowball.  Please check off local if you want information about all our dances and events.  Please use distant if you want information on our dances but are not interested in our local events.  If you're only interested in the Florida Snow Ball, the Fall Ball and the June Bug Bash please check the box for the Snow Ball.  

Once you submit your information, you will be sent an email for your response.  This email confirms you have said you want to be on our mailing list. In order to finish the sign-up process you will need to  confirm the sign-up process.
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